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Lena George

Founder & Executive Director

It wasn’t that long ago that I felt like I was turned inside out.  The world could trigger all kinds of reactions in me, but I was completely powerless over my emotions and my health.  I felt raw and overexposed, struggling with everything and everyone in my environment. At times, my autoimmune diagnoses—rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, Hashimoto's, Ehlers-Danlos,  Parsonage-Turner syndrome—made it nearly impossible for me to shower, turn doorknobs, or even stand upright. I felt pretty hopeless.


In 2012, I stumbled upon the ACE study. I learned that my ACE score of 8 was the root of my physical, social, and emotional disruptions. It was quite an epiphany... that despite what many of us think, feeling good doesn't actually come naturally. 


Once I recognized feeling bad as a "default survival state", I was able to understand that feeling good is a learned skill, and that success and even health are, too. And that, like all skills, feeling good takes training and practice.


Since then, I have received my Masters in Education in Trauma and Resilience, become a trauma recovery hypnotherapist, a meditation teacher, a meridian tapping instructor, a holistic nutritionist, a reiki practitioner, and founded the non-profit Emotion Hygiene Alliance. 

Kristen Preble



I've spent the past few years immersed in learning new ways of being and thinking. It ultimately led me to some life-changing coaching in the areas of emotional well-being, self-worth, and attachment science.


It was on this path of personal development that I met Lena, who was speaking at a women's retreat I attended. I was immediately drawn to what she shared about emotion hygiene and her mission to share the science and knowledge that helps people live better lives.


I had always been drawn to helping others. I'd spent most of my life working at and volunteering in the nonprofit sector, focusing primarily on child and teen development.


In 2017, after receiving my Masters in Organizational Communication, I became the People and Culture Manager at a
non-profit start-up. There, I gained the valuable skill of supporting leadership.


My passion for personal growth, serving others, and operationalizing projects (Lena loves how much I love spreadsheets! ) combined with my years in the non-profit sector were the right formula for joining Lena in her mission at the Emotion Hygiene Alliance.

Sondra Marcus Communications and Partnerships

A seasoned creative professional with over 25 years of experience working with entertainment and lifestyle brands, Sondra began her career with MGM Studios and progressed within the organization to International Art Director, opening global offices in Canada and Australia. After MGM, Sondra joined Mattel as a Producer on the Creative Team focused on products for girls. 


Sondra left Mattel to help found, operate and grow the Orangetheory Fitness franchise in the Los Angeles market. Within the Orangetheory Los Angeles organization, Sondra held many roles including Director of Marketing & Community and Director of Recruiting & HR. Sondra was also part of the leadership team tasked with overall corporate strategy, creative asset development and charitable fundraising. She focused on employee development through team building initiatives and individual career planning.


During the pandemic, Sondra was motivated to study emotional health. She completed the EHA's year-long Facilitator Training as well as earning a certificate in Meditation from Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center.

She is also working as a private facilitator for Social Emotional Art Therapy and Tapping.

Jessica Meyer

Legal & Business Development

Jessica Meyer is a litigator and investigative journalist. As a trial attorney at one of the nation’s leading malpractice and catastrophic personal injury law firms, Lubin and Meyer, she often fought for those who did not have a voice.


Prior to working at Lubin and Meyer, Meyer was an assistant district attorney in Boston, Massachusetts, where her cases included sexual assaults and crimes of violence.


Meyer also worked at CBS News during the 2016 presidential election and also at WAMU, NPR’s Washington, D.C. affiliate.


She is passionate about bringing awareness to injustices through investigative journalism and fighting against these injustices in the courtroom.


Meyer holds a B.A. from NYU and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School.

Merve Gülser

UX Designer


I am a Transdisciplinary Researcher and UX Designer with a background in Neuroscience. I am passionate about creating empathetic solutions and positive impact through human-centered design. 

Growing up, meditation, movement, and breathwork were as much a part of my day as eating and sleeping, and I was fortunate to use these tools through changing schools, moving to different continents and dealing with grief. These practices helped me through challenges but they also were an integral part of maintaining my enthusiasm, presence and curiosity. I always wanted to understand how these tools work and how they change our physiology and psychology. This desire led me to pursue research on meditation, hypnosis, and cognitive neuroscience at UCLA and Stanford. As most schools and cultural infrastructures do not provide us with the tools we need to thrive and cultivate wellbeing, I strongly believe that trainings on social and emotional leadership and practicing emotional hygiene are so important.

Since I moved my focus to UX design, I build digital products and workshops related to mental health and social wellbeing. Currently, I work with Emotion Hygiene Alliance to design experiences and workshops using my interdisciplinary knowledge in neuroscience, psychology, design and technology.


Lena George

Languages: English, Japanese

Sondra Marcus

Languages: English

Anastasiia Budnyk

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Amanda Lockrow

Languages: English

About the eHA


Fostering the social and emotional

development of leaders and caregivers 

who foster the development of everyone else.


Human flourishing.

When we feel good, we do good in an upward spiral

of prosocial behavior and collective well-being. 


Providing Social Emotional 
Learning (SEL)
Programs to Schools

Training and Certifying Social Emotional Facilitators

Fostering Social Emotional Agency in Individuals

Promoting ACEs Awareness


Social Emotional Leadership

Fostering Social Emotional Agency in Caregivers

It’s exactly what I wanted and so much more than I was expecting!

This really feels like a life changer! - KI


What I appreciate about working with Lena is that she was able to give me real time feedback on how my nervous system was responding to the tools. I could immediately feel the shift in my state which she told me to ”bookmark” so that when I was practicing on my own I could recognize the state I wanted to be in. - AK

Nobody does what you do!


Everyone needs to work with you. - LT

Emotion hygiene makes me realize what I'm feeling is completely normal. I'm able to control my mind and emotions without anything but me.


Before I do hygiene vs. after is like night and day, and there's no side effects!  - JM

Lena knows more about mental health than anyone I know, including long standing myths about which treatments are actually ineffective and the truth about where anxiety and depression actually stem from.


She makes me realize what I'm feeling is completely normal, and guides me towards being able to control my mind and emotions without being reliant on anything other than me. -JM

The Emotion Hygiene Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

A Framework For Emotional Health & Hygiene