Our Framework for Emotional Health & Hygiene

Our mission is to help people foster social-emotional agency—power over how we feel and function. Our framework is the roadmap.

Our Framework


Did you know that well-being (physical, mental, social) is a skill?

It's actually a set of skills that starts developing in the womb and, with hygiene, can continue developing throughout our lives.


Did you know that these skills of well-being require support to develop?

Luckily, we evolved to internalize this support so we can thrive for periods on our own.


Did you know that mental and physical health are interwoven so that you can't have one without the other?

So working out and eating well are only part of the picture of health. We also need social and emotional agency—to have power over how we feel and deal.

6 States

 Did you know that there are 6 states in your nervous system for health and happiness?


We've articulated the 6 states of safety and well-being that correlate with the states of defense (commonly known as fight, flight, freeze). 


"These ([defensive] strategies tend to be reactive and reflexive, rather than being voluntary and intentional." - Dr. Stephen Porges


Ideally, the defensive states stay in reserve for actual danger, leaving us to live our lives nearly always in states of Peace, Pleasure, Play, Purpose, and Presence.

16 Tools

 Did you know that certain emotions are tools for your well-being?


Many of us were trained to wait for happiness as a reward or happenstance of life's circumstances. This leaves us pretty helpless over our own feeling good—just waiting for life to change so we can feel how we want to feel.


Once we understand that emotional health is a skill and that certain emotions are tools to support our well-being... all that's left is to know how to voluntarily and intentionally pull these well-being levers.


We've harnessed 15 strategic social emotional resources and converted them into actionable hygiene.

5 Portals

Do you know how to change your mind?



Since story (our thoughts & beliefs) follows state (our feelings and physiology), working cognitively (just using our thoughts and words) is the slowest and most circuitous road.


By culling robust research, we've consolidated and labeled the direct pathways we have to override unwanted feelings, thoughts, emotions, reactions, and behavior.


"When I use the 5 portals, it's like I've found the remote control to my brain, body, and emotions."

Full Development of Social-Emotional Agency


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A Framework For Emotional Health & Hygiene