Did you know that well-being is a muscle?

Just like any muscle, it will atrophy unless you exercise it.


Did you know that mental, emotional, physical, and social health are interwoven?

So working out and eating well are only part of the picture

of health. We also need to exercise our mental, social,

and emotional fitness.

12 Autonomic States

Pulling from interdisciplinary research, we've identified 6 nervous system states for health and belonging. These states correlate to the 6 nervous system states for emergency reactivity.


15 Emotional Muscles

 Once we understand that certain emotions are tools to support our well-being... all that's left is to know how to voluntarily and intentionally  flex these well-being muscles.


5 Autonomic Portals

"When I use the 5 portals, it's like I've found the remote control to my

brain, body, and emotions." 



Were you ever taught how to feel good?

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