Emotion Hygiene Kits


3 Months of Peace

SOS | Hope | Serenity


Each month's kit has everything you need to launch/maintain/upgrade your emotion hygiene.


»» Emotion hygiene tool
»» Live lesson with Lena
»»  Bespoke hygiene practice
»»  Meditation practice card
»»  Moderated Q&A forum

$58 / month

3-month subscription

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Emotion hygiene Tools


Ingauge Bracelet

Curious how these bracelets are tools for your emotion hygiene? Each one comes with hygiene protocols...

Labradorite | Quartz crystal points | Rose Gold-filled rondelles



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Aromatherapy customized to support your emotion hygiene.

Each hale includes a unique emotion hygiene practice.


Breathe in and evoke...

Peace » A stabilizing blend of sage / marjoram 

Pleasure » A warming blend of rose / cardamom / jasmine 

Play » An energizing blend of lime / peppermint / ginger / menthol 

Purpose » A motivating blend of thyme / basil / camphor / menthol

Presence » An empowering blend of eucalyptus / frankincense / camphor / sage / helichrysum / menthol



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The Flashcards

These Social Emotional Flashcards help you get really good at feeling good. Our curriculum has been taught to thousands of students of all ages. This deck puts the full curriculum in your hands. Each flashcard has a complete practice you can do while you're waiting in line, or as a deep meditation. There are 16 practices in the set.


For each purchase, we donate a deck to a school!


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Mood Magnet

The first step to feeling good is awareness.

Keep your inner emotional gauge in view. 


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